sabato 30 agosto 2014

Waterfall long exposure.

I really like long exposure waterfall photo.
So I publish some example.
The images in this post as been done in Verzasca, except the first one.

Faido Piumogna

Frasco Efra

Little waterfall Verzasca

Riale Carded Sonogno

martedì 19 agosto 2014

More street

More street! Yes I like street photography.

I've dote the following images in a very interesting light condition with a pair of second of time difference and two different FOV. The resulting images are very good.

venerdì 1 agosto 2014


Some street photography.

Normally for the street photography I prefer the B/W but in the first case I think that the colors are necessary.


sabato 19 luglio 2014

Val Cama

Some image from the val Cama, a beautiful valley located in Moesano Swiztzerland. The lake can be reached in 3 hours thanks to a comfortable path in the wood.
The wood in val Cama is very wet and green, and the lake offer a very nice landscape.

Forest in Val Cama
Lago di Cama
Lago di cama
The entrance of the val Cama
Tha Cama river.

giovedì 10 luglio 2014

Val Verzasca.

I have done this photo in val Verzasca on a waterfall on the Valegg da Cansgell. That's perfect for a long exposition and BW image.

A detail of Corippo in Verzasca